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A102 Drinkers for Horses, Livestock and … Dinosaurs

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Fisher Alvin was approached by the Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park – a wildlife park in Devon, seeking an effective animal and livestock drinker solution.

The Problem

We regularly supply drinker solutions for farmers, equestrian and animal centres nationwide. These are more regularly needed during the winter when animals head inside.

This client, based in Ilfracombe in Devon, ordered one of our pre-designed livestock drinkers direct through our online shop.

The Solution

We’ve been designing and supplying animal drinkers for many years, most commonly for horses, cows and pigs, though we do also supply solutions for domestic pets such as dogs. However, a recent order from Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park did take us by surprise and whilst we have been trading for over 100 years it was our first order for dinosaurs.

Our systems, such as our Equine Drinking Bowl, are designed to ensure livestock get the right amount of water, whilst at the same time minimising the amount of wastewater.

The Result

Although the order was placed through our direct shop at the weekend, we were able to process it immediately and dispatch the drinkers, ensuring they arrived at the park on the following Tuesday.

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