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A103 Drinker for Equine Enthusiasts


We were approached by a local horse enthusiast in the process of building a new stable block, who was looking for a high-quality equine drinking bowl solution that could better regulate the water intake of their prestige showhorses.

The Problem

We have over a century of experience providing livestock drinkers and similar farm equipment, so when the customer came to us looking for a premium solution, we had the product to help.

The customer – who competes in dressage at a county level with their horses – was concerned about the amount of control they had over their horse’s water intake. Their current solution involved bringing buckets into the stable, which would then be knocked over.

As part of the construction of their new stable block, the customer wanted a more professional, integrated livestock drinker solution.

The Solution

We suggested that our A103 Drinker would be the best solution for the customer’s needs. This drinking bowl runs on mains pressure and ensures a constant supply of fresh, clean water 24/7. It is also incredibly simple to install and almost maintenance free.

The Result

The customer was very happy with the product, and can now be confident that her very valuable horses are properly hydrated.

We’re experts in livestock drinkers and equine drinking bowls. Want to know more? Just get in touch!

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