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We’ve got over a century of experience providing a wide range of livestock drinkers, equine drinking bowls, and farm equipment to a number of interesting clients.

Although our systems are more commonly used for agriculture, we were still happy to help when a wildlife centre sought us out to supply drinkers for wild animals, including several very strong big cats.

The Problem

The wildlife centre, based in Lincolnshire, needed an effective and hard-wearing livestock drinker solution for an interesting array of animals that included – amongst others – big cats such as tigers.

Standard bowl solutions were ineffective due to the sheer stress they would undergo whilst inside the animal’s cages, and the centre needed a much more reliable and durable drinker system.

The Solution

While we don’t commonly supply equipment for such large and powerful animals, we have seen more and more customers approaching us in recent years for drinking solutions for different animals, such as large, outdoor dogs.

Nevertheless, even the biggest dog can’t bite as hard as a tiger; we knew the fundamental toughness and reliability of our products were going to be crucial if the drinker was going to stand up to this level of punishment.

The Result

We dispatched the drinker the same day, and the keepers were able to install it in the various animal enclosures. Once installed, they were confident the drinkers would keep the animals hydrated for a long while.

This was a unique and interesting project, and we were delighted to see that these animals were able to benefit from our product.

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