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Ensuring Optimal Water Supply for Your Livestock with Self-Filled Drinkers

Self-filled drinkers from Fisher Drinkers

At Fisher Drinkers, we’ve been pioneering high-quality livestock drinkers for over a century, helping farmers ensure their animals stay hydrated and healthy. Self-filled drinkers are engineered to provide a consistent water supply while reducing wastage, which is crucial for maintaining the well-being and productivity of your livestock.

Self-filled drinkers from Fisher Drinkers

Key Features of Our Self-Filled Drinkers

  • Durability: Made with robust materials like heavy gauge steel and stainless steel, our drinkers are built to last with a durable valve assembly.
  • Efficiency: Designed to minimise water wastage, saving you money and conserving resources.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of livestock, including cattle, pigs, and horses.

Our Top Models

  • A75 Super Galvanised: This premium model features a heavy-duty drinking bowl, heavy gauge steel galvanised stainless steel float cover, and lockable brass drain plug, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • A102: Known for its high capacity and durable construction, perfect for larger herds.

Comprehensive Support

We don’t just provide drinkers; we also offer a full range of mounting brackets and spare parts, ensuring you have everything you need in one place. Plus, with our next-day delivery service within the UK, you can quickly receive and install your drinkers, minimising any disruption to your farming operations. We value your feedback and invite you to leave a review of your experience with our products.

The Importance of Proper Hydration for Livestock

Proper hydration is essential for livestock health. Dehydrated animals can suffer from a range of issues, from reduced milk production to lower growth rates. According to this resource on livestock hydration, ensuring animals have constant access to clean water is crucial for their overall well-being. Our self-filled drinkers ensure your animals always have access to the water they need, promoting better health and higher productivity. The drinkers are designed with no sharp edges to protect the animals using them.

Enhancing Farm Efficiency

Efficient water systems do more than just hydrate animals; they enhance overall farm efficiency. By reducing water waste, our self-filled drinkers help lower your water bills and reduce environmental impact. The self-fill feature helps to fill the drinkers efficiently, reducing manual labour. The easy maintenance of our drinkers also means less time spent on upkeep and more time focusing on other farm tasks.

Case Study: Transforming a Dairy Farm

One of our long-term clients, a dairy farm in Somerset, implemented our A75 Super Galvanised drinkers across their operation. Within a few months, they noticed a significant improvement in milk yield and overall cow health. The farm manager commented, “Switching to Fisher’s self-filled drinkers was a game-changer for us. Not only did we see an immediate improvement in our cows’ hydration levels, but our water usage also dropped significantly.” The strong and durable valve contributed to the improved hydration levels and water usage.

Self-filled drinkers for cows from Fisher Drinkers

How to Choose the Right Drinker

Choosing the right drinker for your livestock depends on several factors, including the type of animal, the size of your herd, and your specific farm conditions. Contact our team at Fisher Drinkers. We are always available to provide expert advice and help you select the best products for your needs.

  • For Cattle: Consider the A102 for larger herds, offering high capacity and robust construction. For optimal performance, connect the drinker via a header tank.
  • For Pigs: The P121 model is perfect for various stages of pig growth, ensuring consistent water supply from piglets to sows.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Farmers across the UK have praised our drinkers for their reliability and efficiency. One customer noted, “Installing Fisher’s self-filled drinkers was the best decision we made for our farm. Our cattle are healthier, and we’ve seen a significant drop in water wastage. Plus, the drinkers have no sharp edges or corners, ensuring the safety of our animals.”

Contact Us for Next Day Delivery

For further assistance or to place an order, contact us at sales@fisherdrinkers.com or call +44 (0)1905 779944. Let Fisher Drinkers be your partner in ensuring the health and productivity of your livestock.

Explore Our Full Range

For more details on our products, visit our website and explore our comprehensive brochure, packed with all the information you need to make an informed choice. Our products are made from heavy gauge steel, galvanised after manufacture, ensuring enhanced durability and safety.

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